Semiconductor Solutions Set to Revolutionize Medical Implantable Devices

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The semiconductor solutions contained in hand-held commercial product innovations are finding their way into medical implantables.

With circuit miniaturization/integration, lower power processes and architectures, plus great cost savings because of the likes of the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, etc., the semiconductor solutions contained in handheld commercial product innovations are now able to find their way into medical implantables making the seemingly impossible into a realizable and viable solution in the human body.

Innovations from such companies as Cactus Semiconductor, Inc., having a medical focus in integrated circuit design encompassing both implantable and portable applications - such as neuro-stimulation, pacing, defibrillation, ultrasound, and medical monitoring (e.g., glucose meters) - will revolutionize the implantable medical market.

Figure 1 is an example of their capabilities in wireless data and power transmission as well as analog, microcontrollers and transducer capabilities for an implantable medical device with an external controller. Their alliance with Freescale Semiconductor to develop system-on-chip products for the medical market will accelerate innovative new solutions for implantables.

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Steve Taranovich
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