17-Year-Old Wins Google Science Fair With Cloud-Based Artificial Neural Network for Breast Cancer Diagnosis

What were you doing when you were in high school? Brittany Wenger is creating a better way to diagnose breast cancer.

The 17-year-old from Lakewood Ranch, FL, took home the grand prize in this year’s Google Science Fair for her “Global Neural Network Cloud Service for Breast Cancer.” Her project has shown a 99.1% success rate in identifying malignant tumors and could eventually achieve perfection, according to Wenger’s research.

Her winning project uses a custom artificial neural network that weights malignancy heavily negative to analyze the results of minimally invasive fine needle aspirates. Because the program she created learns by example, it will get more accurate as more samples are analyzed. It’s also cloud-based, so physicians around the world could use it.

Jamie Hartford is the managing editor of MED. Follow her on Twitter @readMED.