Google Exec Insists Android Will Stay Open-Source

  Fans of Android (and people interested in the possible medical applications for the operating system) will want to take note of this interesting post in’s GadgetLab blog detailing Google’s attempts to assure the public that the famously open OS will, indeed, remain open.
The new version of Android (which is deliciously known as Honeycomb) still has not been released by Google, even though Motorola has been using it for about a month on a tablet. According to Wired and a report by Bloomberg, this is causing many to call into doubt the "open" nature of the OS. Such skepticism is what may have prompted Andy Rubin, the Google exec in charge of Android, to pen a post for the Android Developer blog in which he firmly insisted that Android will still be an open-source OS. Rubin defended the company's policy against "fragmentation," which involves vetting applications and designs before they can be marketed as "Google-compatible." 
It will be interesting to see how Google continues to handle Android as it solidifies its presence in the market, especially as such strategic decisions could have a major impact on the device industry. 

— Thomas Blair