As Medical and Consumer Technology Converge, Are You on Trend?

Driven by cost pressures and new media technologies, such as social media and electronic health records, medical and consumer devices are moving closer together. A panel at the AdvaMed 2012 conference held earlier this month discussed this trend and what it means for the industry.

A few points that stuck out include:

  • Patients are a new customer base for medical device companies. “The care [is] moving out of our core customer base, which has traditionally been hospitals, and into the hands of patients and consumers,” said Jessica Hameline, senior vice president of corporate strategy at Covidien.
  • mHealth is the future. Mobile devices, which are ubiquitous outside hospitals, are also gaining ground inside care facilities. Three-quarters of physicians now use smartphones and 70% carry iPads.
  • Take a problems-based approach to solving problems. Technology is great, but only if it truly benefits patients. “From a Medtronic perspective, I think we’re a little less enamored with the technology and little more focused on what problems we’re trying to solve,” said Kenneth Riff, MD, Medtronic's vice president of strategy and patient data management.

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