FDA Regulation of Medical Apps Might Not Be So Bad

Anytime FDA starts proposing new regulations for medical devices, designers understandably get wary. But according to experts, the administration’s proposed regulations for medical mobile apps might result in more clarity than confusion.

Motorola Seeks Partners for a Conflict-Free Mineral Supply Chain

Most people have heard of blood diamonds, thanks to the Leonardo DiCaprio movie of the same name. But diamond isn’t the only mineral whose production propagates human suffering. Conflict minerals, which are mined in war zones and used to finance the activities of warlords and militia groups, also find their way into electronics products.

MD+DI Manufacturer of the Year Nominations

Does your finished medical device company have what it takes to be named MD+DI's Manufacturer of the Year? The only way to find out is to submit a nomination. The 2011 MD+DI Manufacturer of the Year will be announced in the magazine's November issue.

—Jamie Hartford

IBM Predicts the Future of Connected Medical Devices

What will connected medical devices look like going forward? IBM has an idea. The tech giant's Institute for Business Value recently released the results of a survey entitled "The future of connected health devices."