This Issue's Articles
Device failure or recall due to a software malefaction could have deep effects. Compliance with IEC 62304 is key.
by: Anil Kumar, LDRA

Before choosing the specific OS, you must determine the type that’s best for your design.
by: Justin Moon

Tests to assess the risks associated with coexistence of wireless technologies are necessary for safe and effective RF wireless medical devices.
by: Nickolas J. LaSorte, Hazem H. Refai, Donald M. Witters Jr., Seth J. Seidman, Jeffrey L. Silberberg

Safety and reliability head the priority list when designing battery packs into medical devices.
by: Riad Nakhleh, Palladium Energy

One of the toughest problems facing portable medical devices today is power consumption. Bluetooth low energy technology could help solve it.
by: Rolf Nilsson and Bill Saltzstein

While the benefits can be many, a firm understanding of the process is required first.
by: Dan Olivier, Certified Compliance Solutions Inc. and Jeff Dere, Life Technologies

The third edition of IEC 60601-1 mandates that medical device manufacturers manage risk throughout their supply chains.
by: Mark Leimbeck

The counterfeiters are becoming increasingly harder to detect. Unfortunately, the devices they’re selling aren’t getting any better.
by: Tom Adams, SMT Corp.

There's a script for testing Android-based medical devices. Designers should take notice.
by: Moe Tanabian, Intuigence Group

Novel signal transduction methods based on the pyroelectric effect are poised to revolutionize point-of-care diagnostics.
by: Steve Ross