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Electrically Conductive Adhesive from Intertronics Cures in as Little as 40 Seconds

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A two-component, silver-filled, electrically conductive epoxy for chip and substrate bonding can be cured at under 100°C and still exhibit a volume resistivity between 1 and 2 × 10–3 Ω∙cm. Polytec PT EC101 can be used in microelectronic, hybrid circuit, optoelectronic, LED, and photovoltaic applications on indium tin oxide film, transparent conductive oxide film, metals, glass, silicon, ceramics, and most plastics. The epoxy cures in 60 min at 95°C, but it cures in only 40 sec at 180°C. At room temperature it has a two-day pot life, and its pH value is 8.5. This assembly adhesive features high temperature stability in service; at all times, it is stable between –55° and 200°C, and in intermittent exposures it is stable up to 300°C. Because of its USP Class VI biocompatibility certification, it can be employed by manufacturers of disposable medical devices. The supplier’s engineers can provide support regarding adhesive dispensing techniques for particular applications.


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