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High-Current Inductors from Precision Inc. Available in Four Sizes

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A designer and manufacturer of custom and standard magnetic components and assemblies for medical device applications has launched four new technologies within the company’s family of high-current inductors. Available in four standard sizes as well as in a variety of custom formats, the new high-current inductors feature a flat-wire, ferritecore construction that generates both real estate and cost savings while reducing power losses. The new high-current inductors can be used as a standard part drop-in replacement or as part of a custom technology design. These inductors also work with power management integrated circuits (ICs) made by major IC manufacturers such as International Rectifier, Microchip, and Texas Instruments. The technology can be integrated into key power conversion applications for medical devices. The high-density construction of the high-current inductors features a flat-wire, edge-wound copper coil that generates efficiency gains and space savings compared with alternative round-wire or Litz wire technologies. 

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