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Inverters are Suited for Medical Diagnostic Equipment

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A series of inverters is vacuum-encapsulated to provide performance reliability and resistance to shock, vibration, and humidity. The low-profile SE/SE2 and compact E200II inverters can power cold-cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL)–backlit LCDs in devices such as medical diagnostic equipment. The inverters are suitable for single- and dual-lamp applications in which compact size, high efficiency, imperviousness to harsh environments, and reliability are critical. Their operating efficiency is typically between 80 and 85%. The customized magnetics are self-shielding, minimizing electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference. Only the pins of the encapsulated inverters are exposed, meaning that the bottom of the PCB is the sole high-voltage surface, enabling the components to accommodate embedded designs.

Endicott Research Group Inc.
Endicott, NY


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