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Isolation Transformers are RoHS Compliant

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RoHS-compliant isolation transformers are suitable for step-up, step-down, and 1:1 voltage applications and have power ratings of 0.025–5.0 kVA. An electrostatic shield between the transformers’ primary and secondary windings enhances safety and suppresses transients and electrical noise. When used in a 1:1 configuration, the transformers protect sensitive electrical equipment in electrically noisy environments and allow the use of commercial-grade printers, computers, and other peripheral devices in medical equipment by isolating them from mains power. As step-down transformers, they allow equipment designed to run on a 120-V power source to operate in areas where the voltage is nominally 208 or 240 V. When wired for step-up operation, they enable equipment designed for 208- or 240-V operation to run on 120 V. Their high efficiency and low temperature rise, along with their Class 180 insulation systems and layer-wound construction, enables them to run cooler and last longer than some comparably rated models. Custom configurations are available.

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