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Polyzen Coating Can Enhance Sensor Performance

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Using a proprietary automated dip-and-spray coating process that maintains tight tolerances on wall thickness and other product specifications, a company can enhance the performance of medical devices such as stents, guidewires, sensors, wire cages, scope tubing, films, and balloons. The company manufactures specialty and disposable components that have polymer-based thin-layer functional coatings in which antimicrobial additives, hydrophilic additives, or drugs can be suspended. It also offers components that encapsulate a device or component either internally, externally, or point-
specifically. The polymeric coatings, which are applied via molding or coating in a layer ranging in thickness from 1–5 mil, may increase lubricity, decrease tackiness, or alter surface energy to promote ink adhesion, facilitate surface cleaning, or support other types of surface modifications.

Polyzen Inc.
Apex, NC


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