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Touch-Safe Panel Board From ABB Isolates Operator From Shock

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Independently certified as touch-safe in accordance with the IP20 ingress protection rating, the ProLine low-voltage UL67 panel board from ABB Inc. has patented design elements that prevent any foreign object as large as a finger from making contact with its hazardous energized parts. The board thus completely isolates the operator from shock, arc flash, and arc blast while performing electrical installation and maintenance work. Its bus bar is fully covered, and its interior is encased in resin. In addition, breaker connections are situated in wells that protect against contact with live parts and contain any arcs that may occur. The system’s breaker screw mechanically secures the breaker with a connection unconnected to the bus bar. Besides offering an inherently safe design, this panel board minimizes the risk of arc flash because its branch and main breakers are selectively coordinated and current-limited, allowing for quick clearing of faults.

ABB Inc.
New Berlin, WI




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